R.E.D - Roméo et Dourgette

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Windows .exe

A Puzzle-platformer game by Club d'Amateurs de Courgettes Avinées

from geneve Switzerland


15+ Subthemes Jammers are human too Michael Bayed Social justice warrior


Romeo and juliet's revisited story with more zucchini in it! Let's see if you can go back to your loving one from the fridge to the vegetable garden.

Come with us in the strangest paradise you've ever seen in your entire life.



Mouvements: w, a, s, d
Jump: Space bar
Attack: Left click
Take item: e

A word from our Lady Dourgette

The only thing you've to know is that zuchini will rule the human race for centuries to come. Just surrender yourself to the courgetteisation of your world. This incredible game will prepare you for  what's coming.

MORE COURGETTTEEEEESSSS and prepare yourself: Courgette is coming!