Glory Jokers Chaos


Yellow TEAM

created @NIFFF 2014-2018


Play online!

A fighting game by Team Banana Split

from Fribourg, Genève Switzerland

Come and defeat your opponents in this EPIC game !

The stargate sends gifts from other universes to your very little world. Take advantage of them to be the boss and rule them all !

Two players local game

Controls P1

  • left: a
  • right: d
  • jump: w
  • Fire: r

Controls P2

  • left: left
  • right: right
  • jump: top
  • fire: right shift.


banana split -> team name

dhcp pool -> players    .2

balloon mustache -> balloon power

devourer -> With such teath, I can eat everythinnnnnnng

gates -> center stargate throwing gifts

anchor -> the center is the anchor

hook -> surprise !

glory -> in DA game name

durian fruit -> durin fruit power

insect -> insects after durian fruit explodes

aesthetics -> cause it's beautifull, isn't it ?

synthwave -> music start screen

framerate changes gameplay -> surprise !

loops -> jump in the middle, and you'll front/back loop

insert coin -> insert a coin in your opponent face !

point of view -> each player it's own POV

joker -> two cute jokers battling. It's also in the name