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A game by La fée frigide

Genre: Turn based strategy
City: Genève
Country: CH
Edition: 2017
Live Event: NIFFF

Main version (2 players on 1 game) :

Lobby version (2-4 players on many games) : (Could be unstable)

Program your robot to reach the target

Each turn, you receive 9 instruction cards. Use these cards to compose your program.

Your program must have 5 instruction cards, they are executed in the order you selected them (left to right).

When the program is ready, click the Run button and watch the resolution... 

Instructions are run one by one : first card of each player, then second card of each player, and so on... order of execution between the players for each card is determined by the priorities of the cards.

After each instruction, conveyor belts move robots and lasers are fired. If a robot ends on a conveyor belt, the robot is moved one step in the corresponding direction. If a robot ends facing another robot, he fires a laser, removing one life point from the target robot.

If a robot reaches zero life point or if he falls from the map, he starts again from his original position.

To win, you have to finish a tour on the objective.