A game jam is a collective or individual challenge during which participants are given a limited amount of time to create a video game from scratch.

Creative challenge, unique experience, a place to meet and share

There are no losers and no winners. The main goal of a game jam is to bring people together, to experiment and most important of all, to have fun.

But who knows? The experience might give birth to something bigger and better. Your one-shot prototype could indeed turn out to be the first step to an awesome project !

The making of a video game involves many different ingredients, these being visual, technical or, more generally, creative. The goal of a game jam is to take up a challenge and to enjoy the most of it : the final outcome is not that important. Therefore, whatever your background or level of experience, you are all warmly invited to take part in this adventure!

– Expert, newbie or amateur, the will beats the skills

Mixing up the most unexpected talents often results in the most original games. Embrace this free-experimentation opportunity !